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Austin Real Pros

Austin Real Pros is a small boutique real estate company formed on April Fools Day in the year 2000, ironically, by two experienced real estate professionals, Bill Evans and Carrie York. Offering services in sales, leasing, and property management, Austin Real Pros is “large enough to offer great service to our clients, but small enough to know all of our clients’ names too—that’s one thing our clients find attractive about us,” says Bill Evans. He continues, saying, “Much of our business comes from referrals. We have high-tech capabilities, but we also offer a personal touch that our clients appreciate.”

In his 28 years in the industry, Bill has only been associated with three brokerages. Teaming up with Carrie, who has more than 35 years in real estate, was the beginning of what is now one of Austin’s well-known real estate companies, relying heavily on their reputation for doing the right thing—even when no one is looking! 

Austin Real Pros and their team of agents strive to create a positive real estate experience with each client, delivering quality service and value they have learned to expect. Bill and Carrie did not intend to do property management when this little company started, although they both had experience in this area. Because of their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge, clients continually asked them to help with their leasing and property management needs. 

Being in the industry for a combined 50+ years, Carrie and Bill have developed connections and nurtured relationships within the community that have helped them navigate the many peaks and valleys of the market. Property management, seemingly recession and inflation-proof, keeps the business going, even as the bangs and busts of the real estate market take a toll on others. As the pandemic threatened the lives and livelihoods of so many, there was always a need for leasing and property management. 

As Bill explains, there are two pieces to the leasing and property management puzzle. First, there is finding the most qualified applicant to lease a property. Then, to manage a property, it is essential to ensure the tenants conform to the terms and conditions of the lease while maintaining the value of the landlord’s asset. “It is our commitment to those standards that has helped keep our clients out of eviction court,” Bill says.

Believing in the value of nurturing relationships, Carrie and Bill see every conversation as an opportunity for education and development. In fact, Bill believes that every negative reaction from a client or partner is nothing more than a request for more information. That being said, Austin Real Pros unselfishly shares with its real estate agents, clients, and associates, anything it has to offer. From educational classes to office space and wifi to information, Bill and Carrie believe strongly in the preamble of the code of ethics, which says that we will cooperate and help our colleagues become better REALTORS.

Bill Evans, defining himself as “a pretty good real estate broker,” believes it is his job to let his clients tell other people he is pretty good and let them be the judge. Collaboration, building relationships with the community, and giving back are cornerstones of the Austin Real Pros culture, positioning this team’s values well with the clients they serve.

Austin Real Pros—Real professionals making an impact on the real estate market, one relationship at a time.

Rachel Arterberry


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