The REALTOR® Difference: More Than Just Another Industry

I recently heard something from a speaker who has been in the real estate industry for decades, and I believe that it is an important statement to make to set REALTORS® apart. Every day, we as REALTORS® learn to navigate the real estate industry, but at the end of the day the word industry is lackluster and frankly is not an accurate term for the work that we do.

You see, by definition, the word industry means a group of companies and organizations that all work on similar things. Is this all we are as REALTORS®? Are we a collection of companies and organizations that all work on house-related products? NO! We are professionals who have industry partners to assist in making the homebuying process a rewarding and enjoyable experience for our clients.

By definition, a profession is a group of qualified people who practice a particular set of skills. A profession requires specialized education and training in order to provide a service to others. Doesn’t that fall more in line with what we do? We have formal qualifications based on continuing education, completed exams and professional standards through recognized bodies with the power to deem competence and establish a professional code of ethics.

Referring to the work that we do as simply an industry strips the title REALTOR® of everything that sets us apart. In our profession we as REALTORS® strive to educate ourselves on the communities around us, by attending city/ISD meetings, being active in our communities, the communities around us and within our Associations. We work to be a book of knowledge for our clients who are moving to a new area and must keep current with all of the changes going on around us.

In our profession, we advocate to promote home ownership, to protect real property rights and increase political awareness. We invest in our profession to keep it thriving. We work to give objective information and opinions to our clients, we network with other professionals for our marketing toolkit, we are expert negotiators, we keep current with all the endless transaction paperwork and new forms, we serve as a rock for our clients during the homebuying process. We do this all while maintaining ethical throughout the whole process.

REALTORS® who master their profession find ways to volunteer by serving their local, state and national Associations. For new REALTORS®, the Association is the best way to learn the ropes and become a professional. Here at WCREALTORS, we have all the tools needed to keep current with your community, advocate for our profession and gain real world experience from seasoned professionals.

So the next time you catch yourself talking about the real estate industry, make sure to take a step back and make it about the REALTOR® profession.

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