Transparent Leadership Can Benefit Membership

This has been an incredible year for the Women’s Council of REALTORS Austin Chapter and it is only the beginning.

We have worked diligently to understand the unique needs of each board member and chair, and we have been learning how to work together effectively. Despite our differences, I believe that we have achieved success because we are starting to understand that each of us brings something very valuable and unique to the table. There is no one better at being me than me, and we should all be true to who we are. If I attempt to be someone I am not, I am doing the world a disservice. Being true to yourself and sharing it with our members and the rest of the world has the potential to change lives.

It is my goal to create an environment of transparency during my year as president. There is no doubt that this is not an easy and glamorous position. While it is a challenging position, it is also very rewarding. This experience is helping me to grow both personally and professionally as a leader and a person. 

As a result of my networking efforts, I have met a number of influential individuals who want to help me catapult my career forward. Having access to the network has allowed me to meet key real estate professionals who I can call my “tribe.”

Our last and most recent event, the “Winter White Party,” held at the Kinningham House in Round Rock was an enormous success. We had at least 100 attendees and it was a night full of networking, laughter, food, photography and fun!

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