Williamson County is Committed to Continuing It’s Core Mission

Williamson County is a hub for several businesses and events, including Dell Computers, the Round Rock Express, the Texas Stars, Sun City, and the Two Step Inn Festival. Despite market shifts, the county has seen steady growth and new ventures. The mission of the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® is to help their members meet real estate challenges, enhance professionalism, and encourage community involvement. To increase local area knowledge, the Association is introducing their City Update Series and the award-winning Selling the Suburbs: Selling Real Estate in Williamson County (WCSpecialist) Certification course. The City Update Series offers breakfast sessions with local mayors, city council members, school officials, and police to learn more about local issues. It is free for members. The WCSpecialist course also provides comprehensive knowledge of Williamson County Real Estate and is divided into eight sessions spanning four days. The course completion earns attendees the Specialist of Williamson County Real Estate designation. The Association looks forward to continuing their commitment to Central Texas in the next 50 years.