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TNT: How to Keep A Home Inspection from Killing the Deal

TREC Course #35425 | 1 Credit Hour | Cost: $5 | Click here to register online

November 14 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
TNT Lake Travis

Course Description:

The attendee will gain a better understanding of the home inspection process from scheduling to navigating the report, and how this will serve their clients well. Information covered will focus on how to help prepare the home buyer and seller for the inspection process and what to expect. Managing the emotions of home buyer and seller will be discussed and steps that can be taken to help them stay focused on the objective of buying and selling a home, despite findings that may be discovered during the home inspection.
  • Directing your clients to the best inspectors
  • Equipping the buyer for the home inspection
  • Advising the seller
  • Benefit to the seller
  • How the seller should prepare
  • Should the seller be present
  • Things the inspector will ask for
  • Frequently asked questions

Course Instructor: Randal Pitts,
BPG Inspections / Provider #9911

Dedicated to Putting a Face to A Name in Real Estate since 1995
PO BOX 81366, Austin, Texas 78708

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