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TNT: Tax Stories: Part I

TREC Course #41160 | 2 Credit Hours | Cost: $20 | Click Here to Register Online
The online meeting URL and entry instructions will be relayed upon registration confirmation. Course will be held via Zoom videoconference.

November 28 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Zoom Video

Course Description: It’s rare that our industry discusses the tax advantages or tax exposures that our clients will have when buying, holding or selling real estate. This 1-hour CE course will cover simple income tax details we should know for our clients….and us as homeowners!

Class Discussion Points:

  • Defining the mortgage interest deduction and how it works
  • Understand the definition of a qualified residence under the IRS tax code
  • Discover the tax differences in a primary residence, second home, and investment properties
  • Giftor vs. giftee. Who gets taxed and when?
  • Learn how to explain acquisition indebtedness and how it affects your tax liability
  • Using an estate planning tool of the lifetime exclusion when giving a sizeable gift

Course Instructor: Matthew Posey, AXIA Home Loans / Provider #10155

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