WCREALTORS: TACS2: Commercial Real Estate Property Development

TACS2: Commercial Real Estate Property Development   |    4 Days of class – Thu 2/16, Fri 2/17,  Tue 2/21,  Wed 2/22    |     8:30-5:00

Instructor- Michica (Days 1&2)  & Ginger (Days 3&4)

*This is a Zoom Class*

Virtual class (off site instructor via Zoom)

Course must be taken in order, TACS1, TACS2, TACS3


Cost – $275 Members & $300 Non-Members


Course No. 861    |   Provider #0001 Texas REALTORS®      |      30 SAE


Any refund or transfer request must be submitted via email to education@wcrealtors.org before midnight the evening of February 14, 2023


To ensure you receive class information, registration ends February 15, 2023 at 5:00 pm. An email with the zoom link will be emailed shortly after registrations close.

If you have questions with registration email education@wcrealtors.org with the course title and date in the subject line.


Course Description: This course is designed to prepare students for entry into the commercial real estate field by exposing them to the fundamentals of commercial real estate leasing, property development, and appraisal valuation methods. Students in this course will develop a comprehensive understanding of the CMA process and the various due diligence elements associated with representing commercial clients.


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